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Understanding SMTP Authentication

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol -- this is the protocol pairLite uses for sending your e-mail messages via our e-mail servers.

SMTP Authentication, or SMTP Auth, is a way for our e-mail servers to verify the identity of an e-mail sender (so junk e-mailers can't use our e-mail servers).

pairLite requires the use of SMTP Authentication when you send e-mail through pairLite e-mail servers. You do not have to set up SMTP Authentication if you only use pairLite Webmail ( - the pairLite Webmail system handles sending e-mail directly.

Most newer e-mail programs, going back as far as Outlook 98, support this feature. Additionally, we suggest that you use Transport Layer Security (TLS) if your e-mail program supports TLS. TLS encrypts your connection and protects your password.

E-mail programs refer to SMTP Authentication and TLS in different ways (unfortunately) and handle enabling SMTP Authentication and TLS in different ways. Please refer to your e-mail program's Help files for specific configuration information or contact if you need assistance.

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