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pairLite Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is pairLite?

pairLite is a Web hosting service under the umbrella of pair Networks, Inc., a global Web hosting and domain name registration company. pairLite fills a gap found in today's Web hosting industry: high quality Web hosting at a low price for Web hobbyists and developers.

The pairLite hosting plan is great for people creating a hobby Web site, developers with project sites, and others who want to leverage pair Networks' expertise and technology but who only need a certain level of resources and support to get their Web site up and running.

Are there overusage fees at pairLite?

No, there are never overusage fees at pairLite. All of our allowances such as disk space, bandwidth, and mailboxes have hard caps on them, which means that you cannot go over the allowances offered with a pairLite hosting plan.

If you need more bandwidth or other type of resource, you should look at a pair Networks hosting account. Simply e-mail, and they'll help you find a Web hosting plan that's right for you.

What is my pairLite Username?

Your case sensitive pairLite Username is assigned by the pairLite system and uses the format: pl#. The "p" stands for pair, and the "l" stands for "Lite." The "#" stands for a number. This username can be found in your Welcome Message.

Can I call pairLite if I have a question?

To keep our prices low while offering you all the great pairLite features and development tools, we only provide e-mail support. But feel free to write us at, and we'll get you the answers to your questions.

How do I log into WebMail?

First, click on the WebMail link at the top right of the Web site. You can also enter in your Web browser and log into WebMail from there.

To log into WebMail, use the e-mail address of a mailbox you created using the pairLite Account Control Center and use the password you chose when you created the mailbox.

Can I add more resources to my pairLite hosting plan?

You cannot add more resources such as mailboxes, SSL, bandwidth, and disk space to a pairLite hosting plan. If you need more resources than what is offered with a pairLite account, please take a look at the many options found with a pair Networks Web hosting plan.

How do I register my domain name that's included with my pairLite account?

It's a snap to register your first domain name (at no extra charge) at pairLite. Simply follow these instructions.
  1. Log into the pairLite Account Control Center (
  2. Click "Register a New Domain Name" under Domain Management
  3. Enter your domain name, and click Proceed
  4. Select One Year, and click Proceed
  5. Answer the "Are you currently a pairNIC customer?" question
  6. Enter an Account Name and Password if you are a new pairNIC Customer
  7. Select other domain names or click "No Thanks, Proceed"
  8. Read and agree to the pairNIC Service Agreement
  9. Click Submit Registration
Please understand that only your first, one-year COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO, or US domain name registration will be free. Any additional domain name registrations will incur a domain name registration fee.

I love pairLite! Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we do have a referral program. You can earn $10 for each pairLite account you refer. If you're currently a pairLite customer, you can sign up for pairLite Referral Program by logging into the pairLite Account Control Center and reading the instructions on the Referral Program page.

Do I get a default Web site address with my pairLite account?

Yes, it is Be sure to replace "USERNAME" with your pairLite username. You can host up to 10 additional domain names to your account at no additional cost.

How do I connect to my pairLite account via SSH?

It's simple to connect to your pairLite account via SSH (Secure Shell). Simply follow the directions below:
  1. Open up a terminal window
  2. Enter ssh You must replace "USERNAME" with your pairLite username and replace "XXX" with your server name/number
  3. Enter your pairLite password
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