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Congratulations on your new pairLite Web hosting account. This article will help you get your Web site up and running at pairLite.

Uploading Your Web Site Files

You can use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to upload your files to your pairLite account. Your Web server is listed in your Welcome Message and when you log into the pairLite Account Control Center (ACC).

Simply search for SFTP/FTP programs using a search engine to find free or trial versions. You can then connect to your server (e.g. and upload your files.

Making Your Files Visible on the Web

The two main directories on your Web hosting account are Home and Web. The files and images that you want to make viewable on the Internet should live in your Web directory. You can access your Web directory from a directory link called "public_html." Your SFTP/FTP program may have difficulty using public_html. If you run into trouble, you can access your Web directory using the path below (replacing USERNAME with your pairLite username):

Please note that your USERNAME format is "pl#."

We recommend creating subdirectories in your Web directory (public_html). One way to create subdirectories is by using the Account Cotrol Center (ACC) by following these simple steps:

  1. Log into the Account Control Center (
  2. Click "File Management"
  3. Click "Web" (under the "Jump to a Directory" subheading)
  4. Click "Create New Directory"
  5. Enter the new subdirectory name and choose your permissions
  6. Click "Make Directory"
In any Web directory, the Web server looks for a default file. A default file is the name of the file that acts as your home page. This file must have one of these names:
Our systems look for these filenames in the order presented above. If no such file can be found, a directory listing will be presented instead.

Please note that UNIX, which runs our Web servers, is case-sensitive, which means that if you name your index file "Index.html" (where Index has a capital "I") you will still see the directory listing instead of the index page. We recommend always using lowercase names for your files.

Initial Web Site Address

Your initial Web site address is You can add the domain names that you've registered via the Domain Hosting Management section of our ACC. If you haven't registered your free domain name yet, you can do so via this section of the ACC.

pairLite Account Control Center (ACC)

The pairLite Account Control Center (ACC) allows you to manage your Web hosting account including:

  • Creating e-mail addresses and mailboxes
  • Registering and adding domain names to your account
  • Viewing past invoices
  • Sending a Support Request
  • Changing contact and billing information
  • and much more
Just log into using your pairLite username and password.

Webmail Basics

It's simple to log into your pairLite Webmail account. First, create the mailboxes you want in the Account Control Center ( Then simply visit and log into your mailbox using your full e-mail address and your e-mail address password.

Support Available

If you have questions about your account, you can receive help via e-mail at If your question is in regards to your contract, please contact Support inquiries are responded to within one business day.

If your Web site or Web server is down, you can send an urgent support request to Urgent requests are usually answered within a matter of minutes.

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