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E-Mail Basics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I access e-mail for mailboxes that I created at pairLite?

You can use our pairLite WebMail system ( or you can set up your favorite e-mail reader to read and send e-mail from pairLite created mailboxes.

When your e-mail reader asks you for your outgoing (SMTP) mail server, just enter your pairLite Web server name (e.g. The server's name can be found in your pairLite Welcome Message and when you log into the pairLite Account Control Center (

The format for your Incoming (POP3 or IMAP) mail server will be either or This information can be found in the E-Mail Management section. Just click on the mailbox link for the e-mail address in question and the information will be provided there. This page will also list the username you should use.

If your e-mail reader asks you for your SMTP Username and password, use the e-mail address and password of the mailbox you created in the pairLite Account Control Center (ACC).

To read e-mail from mailboxes set up at pairLite, your e-mail reader must support SMTP Authentication. Most recent e-mail readers such as Outlook 98 and higher supports this feature. We suggest that you use Transport Layer Security (TLS), which is encrypted SMTP, if your e-mail reader supports TLS.

Please contact if you have any trouble setting up your e-mail reader to read pairLite e-mail.

How do I log into the pairLite WebMail system?

It's simple to log into and use the pairLite Webmail system. First, create the mailboxes you want in the Account Control Center ( Then simply click the "WebMail" link at the top of each Web site page or enter type into your Web browser.

Next, use your e-mail address and e-mail mailbox password to log into your mailbox.

What is an e-mail recipe?

A recipe is a rule that describes how a particular e-mail address should handle incoming e-mail messages. You can apply a single recipe or multiple recipes to any mailbox on your account. E-mail recipes include Forward, File, Filter, Autorespond, Discard, and Bounce.

Information on these different e-mail recipes can be found in the Account Control Center question mark help documentation.

How many mailboxes do I receive with my pairLite account?

You receive 50 mailboxes with your pairLite account. You cannot add more mailboxes to your account, however, if you need more mailboxes, you can sign up for a pair Networks Web hosting account and choose the account level that includes the number of mailboxes that you need.
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