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Available CGI Scripts

pairLite Web servers include several CGI Scripts that you can use to enhance your Web site. The CGI scripts listed below can be found in /usr/www/cgi-bin and referenced as You should replace "" with your domain name and "SCRIPT" with the name of the script you wish to use.
  • - a custom, secured version of the popular e-mailing script
  • cgiemail - an easy-to-use, template driven e-mail script
  • Count.cgi - a graphical Web site hit counter
  • cgiwrap - a script wrapper for security and debugging
  • php-cgiwrap - a PHP aware script wrapper
To use the following CGI scripts, you will need to copy them from the directory /usr/www/cgi-bin/ and edit them locally.
  • - a script that allows you to let visitors leave messages on your Web site
  • bloxsom.cgi - an easy-to-use blog script
For more information on calling and customizing the CGI scripts listed above, please click on the Web site links provided for each script. You can also e-mail us at, and we can point you in the right direction.
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